I recently received an email from someone who used to subscribe to Over The Moonthe magazine I founded, and have since closed, on the subject of spiritual inspiration for the modern woman. She asked what she should read now that the magazine is gone, and that niche remains unfulfilled.

I too miss the magazine. And especially the women who used to write for it. They were deep souls, and I loved reading their words daily. However, even though the magazine is gone, the women who wrote for it still exist, and I still read what they have to say by subscribing to their newsletters and blogs.

This has become even more important to me ever since I deleted my social media accounts. For a while, Instagram was how I collected and followed the people who inspired me. I’ve since realized that social media is not the best platform for receiving that inspiration. I much prefer to read a well-thought-out article than a small picture from someone’s day.

The bible

The bible is just one of the most masterful works in existence. And it’s words are perfectly oriented toward the needs of the human soul. Personally, I own the bibliotheca bible. There are no others like it.

The app I read every day

Magnificat. Catholics have this thing called The Magnificat. It’s inspired by the Liturgy of the Hours—the prayers and scripture readings priests and nuns are required to pray each day.

You can choose whether you want to subscribe to the print edition (in which case a small little booklet will be mailed to you every month) or the digital edition (in which you use the app). I subscribe to the app on my phone which is $20/year. Here’s what it looks like when I open it up.

Every day there is an image for meditating on, a prayer for the morning, the daily mass, a meditation for the day, a prayer for the evening, a saint of the day, and a prayer at night. Each one features scripture readings, hymns, prayers, and meditations written in a darker, old testament vibe.

In the morning while I’m eating breakfast, I read the prayer for the morning. If I need more substance in my day, I’ll read the mass or meditation during my lunch break. And if I need something to calm my mind before bed, I’ll read the prayer at night before I sleep. Some days when I’m feeling particularly disconnected, I’ll read every single part.

There is a prayer for every moment of the day, whenever you need one. And don’t we all need something to draw us back into God on a regular basis? Since this one does cost money, here’s a look at what the prayer for the morning looks like. Press play to watch me scroll through it in its entirety.

The newsletters I subscribe to

Outside of the Magnificat, I absolutely love reading articles. And email is my preferred method of recieving those articles.

My email is organized in such a way that the only letters that make it into my inbox are newsletters. I set up filters so that administrative emails such as library due dates, shipping notifications, and bill pay deadlines get “marked as read” and added to an administrative folder. I can always check that folder if I need to, but I rarely do.

That leaves my email clean and uncluttered. Just notes from people that inspire me and the occasional letter from a friend. When I log on to my email account every morning, it’s like reading my own personal newspaper, with articles perfectly curated to my liking. Here are the newsletters I subscribe to:

Goop. Goop is everything. I get the newsletter, follow the podcast, and subscribe to the print magazine. Really, I think Gwyneth Paltrow’s doing an even better job than Over The Moon did when it comes to covering self-development and wellness topics.

KonMari. I believe wholeheartedly in the life-changing magic of tidying up. Ever since I read Marie’s book, I have minimized my closet and home to the extreme. My life now feels simple and beautiful, and her newsletter keeps that mindset going for me weekly. Plus, every one of her articles is a visually stunning read.

Simple Shui. Another Feng Shui newsletter I love.

Jennifer Racioppi. Jenn wrote the full moon and new moon reports for Over The Magazine, and she still writes those same reports for her own newsletter subscribers. I get both reports emailed to me monthly so I always know what’s going on in the cosmos.

Alexandra Franzen. I love all of her articles. They’re just about life, and discovering things about life, and her own personal journey of discovering things about life. In fact, she’s a lot like me, sometimes writing things that are deep, and sometimes writing things that are shallow. But every single one is so good.

MaryBeth Bonfiglio. The woman was always one of my favorite Over The Moon writers. And also one of my favorite Over The Moon speakers. Her writing is just the right mix of spiritual, ancestral, and Catholic. And she used to spend her spare time making the most beautiful rosaries.

Micaela Ezra. Her shop contains the perfect curation of Jewish ritual products, but her shop’s blog is the perfect curation of Jewish spiritual teachings. You might also recognize her as the illustrator for a lot of Gabrielle Bernstein’s products.

Rupi Kaur. After accidentally finding myself a participant in a rap battle, I decided I needed a little more poetry in my life. It really does speak to the soul in a different way than other mediums. This woman’s poetry is emotional and divine in all the right ways so I figured it was a good place to start.

Jamie Wright. Known as “The Very Worst Missionary,” Jamie is a Christian without the “good girl” persona typical of missionaries. She’s not naive. She’s real. Brash. Authentic. Questioning. Hilarious. And spot on. Her posts are sporadic, but they’re always worth a read.

Sara Avant Stover. Her emails have greatly slowed down over the years, and she rarely shares her personal life on her blog anymore. But I’ve loved and followed her writing for several years, and still subscribe to her newsletter so I don’t miss out on her more in-depth writings.

Sarah Von Bargen. Sarah writes her blog on a variety of topics. They aren’t always in-depth or personal, but I do love her mindset on things. Her blogs have helped me change my mind about how I spend money, as well as rewrite how I handle social situations.

Michelle Singletary. This Washington Post columnist wrote The 21-Day Financial Fast. Her book inspired me and my husband to pursue financial freedom and I love subscribing to her newsletter so I have weekly reminders of the spiritual principals of that book. Scroll down to the personal finance newsletter on this page to subscribe.

Mr. Money Mustache. My husband and I are very into the whole Financial Independence movement and have plans to pay off our house in two years (among other financial goals). This blog has helped us set goals around our finances, get our food budget down, decrease what we’re spending on bills, and drastically reduce all of our expenses so we can save more, pay off our house more, and focus on the things that matter more.

theSkimm. This is the only news outlet I will readthough I will admit that I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by what is going on in the world, and thus have an on-again/off-again relationship with it. I subscribe to this newsletter via my work email, but I often choose to skim only the headlines, in favor of maintaining my rosy outlook of the world.

The magazines I subscribe to

PORTER. By far my favorite. The articles are just so good. Also, the magazine is an offshoot of NET-A-PORTER, one of my favorite fashion outlets. In between the articles, the pages feature the most beautiful styles on the most beautiful models. Like this shoot featuring Lauren Hutton. So striking. (P.S. I have a lingering lust for that suit she’s wearing.)

Town & Country. Sometimes I really love their articlesthe one about which waters are the best to drink stands out in my mind. Sometimes I think the whole thing is over the top-like when they discuss the most expensive jewels high-society types are wearing, or the lavish vacations they are taking.

The New York Times. Historically, this has been one of my favorite things to read on a Sunday morning. But again, due to my sensitivity to the current news cycle, I decided to place my subscription on hold until things take a turn for the positive. I do, however, attempt the New York Times crossword every morning via the app.

All of this is to say that reading sustains me. It fills my spirit. And writing nourishes me. It orders my mind. And orients my body. If ever I’m feeling scattered, or apart from this world or the next one, I know I can always rely on these two disciplines to draw me back in and wrap me back up.

To receive my articles via email please subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you for reading.