September 26th, 2015 was the evening of the first annual Over The Moon Party and it was hands down the most beautiful night of my career. And probably in the top five of my life. I could never have anticipated the magic that would result when 88 like-minded women gathered together to eat cake, drink champagne, and full-on dance party it out with one another. Incredible.

Here’s what happened:

To set the stage, you have to imagine unbelievably amazing gluten-free/vegan cakes by Zest, wooden forks that look like they’re fancy, Kate Spade party napkins (because, what else), and this playlist blaring on the stereo.

Then add a splash of Brittany Thaxton, the founder of Vive Juicery and one of the most beautiful women I know. She poured Vive inspired champagne cocktails all night with her signature sass (and even had killer burlesque dance moves. But we’ll get to that…)

I kicked the night off with a talk about creativity, the muses that guide us, and the feminine ways to put them into practice. One woman told a story of her daughter that she put up for adoption and how that inspired her life. Another told of her son, whose unique gifts inspired her to create an NPO to help children with similar disabilities. And still others told of the people and experiences in their lives that inspired them, the way God spoke through them when they wrote, or the way they wanted to start yoga retreats to help other women who have been through what they’d been through. It was like we were breaking the ice on the stories that moved us. But it was only the beginning…

Katie Den Ouden wasn’t able to make it, but Jenna Hansen stepped in last minute to teach us how to bring more joy into our lives. We sat on the floor in our fancy dresses and meditated on a moment in time that would bring us a complete ten on the “this brings me contagious joy” scale. As I sat in meditation I realized that I thought of this moment, but not only this moment, the future of it. I saw where this party was going. How it was going to change Over The Moon and the people who read it. How it would allow us a space to meet in person, to sing together, and dance together, and meditate on our futures together.

Afterward I got to speak with several women about the meditation that came up for them in that moment. The dream they had for their lives. And I thought about how amazing it was that we could know each other for such a short time and already be discussing our dreams with one another. Jenna’s talk dropped that barrier, and all of the small talk, and brought us onto common ground. Allowing us to go deeper together than we ordinarily could.

Which was amazing, because soon after, Nae Nae came on and several of us broke out into an EPIC dance battle. It was like a scene straight out of Pitch Perfect, only with dancing instead of singing. We were in color, and our nemesis were all in black. It was crazy amazing. When I first got the pictures back I was sitting on my couch with a glass of wine and absolutely dying with laughter! Only God can plan these moments I swear. Goodness knows I could never have seen that coming.

Heather Waxman then invited us to do things purely for the pleasure of it. She talked about her relationship with singing, and about how at one time in her life she had stopped singing all together simply because she realized she couldn’t make a living from it. How many of us have done that? Have dropped dreams straight out of high school just because we were no longer “going pro?” Goodness knows I did. I stopped dancing, singing, and acting after high school when I realized that was not my future nor my career. (Although I did a bit of all three that night!).

Then Heather sang for us. A beautiful, crooning song that sounded straight out of a monastery. It was a hymn she had written about surrender. And in the middle of a raging party, every single one of us sat there with our eyes closed, and allowed ourselves to imagine what that would feel like in our lives. Could feel like. It was pure magic.

Then Marybeth Bonfiglio spoke about the Empress, the third card of the Tarot deck. Specifically she discussed what it meant to embody the empress and she did so by being the empress herself. By teaching us what it meant to live authentically, according to our own rules and traditions.

And then she allowed the empress to speak to us through the deck, by asking what the empress had to say to four amazing participants. Needless to say, it was life changing.

Finally, we capped the evening off with dessert. Baya Voce taught us about the powers of seduction. She had us feed each other grapes (an exercise in receiving) and then taught us how to move our bodies using sexy burlesque dance moves.

To the likes of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” she sparked the feminine in all of us, inviting us to experience pleasure and joy in a way many of us hadn’t ever experienced before.

From there we erupted into a huge dance party. We danced well into the night and drank the last dregs of our champagne as we let the power of the seductress simmer within us. And when the crowds finally began to part, we turned on Taylor Swift. And then Wilson Phillips. And we danced and sang until there was no one left. And the night was over.

My intention for the evening was to leave everyone a little bit more inspired. And I hope we did that. But no matter what transpired on the full moon that night, I know I left feeling like life was magical. And that’s all thanks to the women who inspire me. And who encouraged me to do it all again. I can’t wait to tell you about the second annual Over The Moon Ball. But until then, know that you are why I do this. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen.

All photographs are courtesy of the extraordinary Haley Nord.

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