On October 15th, 2016 we gathered at Publik in Salt Lake City for a night of hors d’oeuvres, dessert, drinks, dancing, and debauchery as we celebrated our darkest desires.

On the full moon we delighted in a dark circus of pole dancers, contortionists, aerial artists, astrologists, psychics, and tarot card readers, and witnessed performances by legendary burlesque dancer Kitty Cavalier.

Everyone has a dark side, and it was time to meet ours.

But though we called it the dark side this event was really about sin.

It’s a word we don’t like to say, or even feel. Over time it has come to represent a certain set of outdated religious principals we’ve struggled to agree with.

But that’s not what sin means. At it’s root, what sin really means is separation. It means without. It was meant to convey the absolute loneliness that must have been felt by Adam and Even when they left the presence of God. When they were all alone in the world and could no longer see the light.

But it was always going to be that way.

The snake is tempting. Enticing. Every day we are lured into our desires. Those things that may not always be good for us, but that we crave them all the same.

But what we didn’t know was that that same darkness can be used to create the light. That when we leave the Garden of Eden, eventually we give birth to Jesus. And light once again enters the world.

And so we celebrated our darkest desires, and we used them to bring light into the world. We hosted an event that allowed us to give in to our dark sides, while we donated all of the profits to All God’s Children, an orphanage in Haiti that was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Thank you for coming.

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