For as long as I can remember, I have been following (and reading) blogs. It doesn’t matter if they are fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, self-development blogs, or food blogs, I love finding interesting and inspiring people online and then reading what they have to say about life.

Usually I find them via Instagram, or because another blog I read mentions them, but when I do, I add their website to my Feedly, a feed-reader that allows me to read all of my blogs in one place. Everyday when I get to work, I open up my Feedly and read through my blogs as if I were reading a magazine or a newspaper. It’s the perfect way to start my day.

Over the years, I have added and deleted websites to my Feedly as my interests have waxed and waned, but here’s the list of blogs I follow at this particular moment (in order of the order I read them in). The ones marked with an asterisk* are my favorites, and the ones I read religiously every single week without fail.

Here are all of the blogs I follow (by category):


Verily Magazine* | One of the only lifestyle magazines that I read religiously. I read almost every single article.


Tara Bliss

The Colby Chronicles | Mommy blog of one of my high school friends.

With Love, Caila | The blog of Caila Quinn from The Bachelor (I’m also obsessed with her Instagram account).

Sarah Jenks* | Lifestyle blog about living more.

Nisha Moodley | Femininity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship.


The Way Of The Happy Woman* | One of my absolute favorite blogs by one of my absolute favorite authors. I read absolutely everything she writes.

Garance Doré* | French blogger from Corsica. Her blog is about everything I go through in everyday life (like what to do with my hair when I cut it and finding the perfect perfume). Looooove it.

Kaitlyn Bristowe | The bachelorette. She’s just awesome.

Heather Lewis | My cousin-in-law, but also an amazing Christian writer with a post-pastor perspective.

Alexandra Franzen* | Writer with a unique, blunt perspective on life.


French Women Don’t Get Fat* | Mireille Guilliano was the president and CEO of Veuve Clicquot (my favorite champagne house) for 25 years before she retired to write lovely books about French living. I devour everything she writes. Especially her books.

India Hicks | Beautiful style from a woman who lives on an island with her five beautiful child and adopted son.

Trouvé Magazine

because im addicted

Thrive Global | Ariana Huffington’s blog about living well.

The Simply Luxurious Life

Tinge Floral | I’ve been getting really into flower arranging lately, and this is one of my favorites on the subject. I especially love their Instagram account.

annetess | Pretty things.

Mama Gena’s

Clementine Daily

Semi-Rad | The only blog both my husband and I read. If you have a super outdoorsy husband (like I do), you’ll totally relate to these adventures.

Darling Magazine

Yes & Yes


Live The Process

Sarah Wilson


Into The Gloss

Honestly Beautiful

New Beauty | Everything you ever wanted to know about esthetic dermatology.


Oliva Palermo

Chronicles of Frivolity

Isabelle Lafleche

The A-List

Un-Fancy | One of the first “capsule-wardrobers.”

Simply Chic Essentials

Kensington Way | Mormon mommy blog about fashion & beauty.


Paris in Four Months | The typical fashion blog, but set in Paris.


Lauren Conrad

ohh couture

The Pursuit of Fabulous

9to5Chic | Fashion blogger on what she wears to her day job (which I especially admire).


Simple Shui* | Feng Shui for the modern decorator.

My Domain* | Just the best home decor site out there.

Holistic Spaces

CityHomeCollective | Interior design & real estate in Salt Lake City.

Marie Kondo* | The blog inspired by Marie’s life-changing books.

Magnolia Market


The Art Of Non-Conformity | Travel hacking + adventuring.

Dame Traveler

Every Day Parisian

Polkadot Passport

Le Paris Blog


The Holy Kale

Natural Health Magazine

Melissa Ambrosini

Kris Carr | Vegan with cancer.

The Balanced Blonde | Formally “the blonde vegan.”

Erin Stutland | Movement paired with mantras.

Honestly | The honest company blog.

Christiane Northrup* | MD, Women’s health, hormonal health, & fertility. Her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom is basically the bible of women’s health. And so is her blog.

Isabel Foxen Duke | Her goal is to get women to stop obsessing about food.

Nicole Jardim | Hormonal health.

Nat Kringoudis | Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor + acupuncturist, & fertility specialist.

Wabi-Sabi Well

The Body Book | The blog that goes with Cameron Diaz’s amazing book.

Claire Baker

Sakara Life

Vidya Living | Ayurveda.

The New Potato

Kayla Itsines* | Founder of the Bikini Body Guide.

My Sweat Life | One of my favorite BBG-ers.

Aviva Romm | Midwife.

Sara Gottfried | MD, hormonal health expert, author of this must-read.

Mama Glow


Love & Lemons* | My absolute fave. Gluten-free, vegan.

Oh She Glows* | Vegan.

Gather & Feast | Pretty tablescapes.

I Quit Sugar

Minimalist Baker | Gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based.

Laura Miller | Raw, vegan, not gross.

Veuve Clicquot*

Earthsprout | Vegan.



The Accidental Theologist | A blog by of one of my favorite writers, Lesley Hazleton, an agnostic author who writes extremely well researched books about religion. I especially love her book Mary: A Flesh & Blood Biography Of The Virgin Mother (my favorite book about Mary ever written and the reason I am getting my graduate degree in Mariology).

Rob Bell* | There’s nothing to say about Rob Bell except that I am obsessed with (and agree with) every book he has ever written. I also met him during his “Everything is Spiritual” tour and cried (because I am that much of a #fangirl).

Theology of the Body Institute | Pope John Paul II’s teachings on the female body (from a Catholic perspective).

Jackie & Bobby | He was discerning the Catholic priesthood, she was a Catholic speaker. He decided not to become a priest, and so they got married instead. Now they write this lovely counter-culture blog about marriage.

Heather Waxman | Beautiful meditative music.

The Cathedral Of The Madeleine | My local cathedral.

Sarah Bessey | Christian writer & author of Jesus Feminist.

Ryan Reed | We used to be Young Life leaders together, now he’s one of my favorite theologians.

RELEVANT Magazine | A magazine for the modern Christian.

Ruminate Magazine

The Very Worst Missionary* | Had a baby when she was 18, curses a lot, and has no qualms about calling out “Christian culture.” But she’s married to a paster (the guy she had a baby with at 18) and she’s a Christian missionary (just one of the most bad-ass ones you’ve ever met).

Women In Theology

Saeculorum | One of my fellow classmates in grad school, but also an extremely brilliant linguist and theologian.

Meggan Watterson


The Daily Muse

Bullet Journal | Design-your-own planner. With examples.

I Want Her Job

Marie Forleo*

The Girl Who Knows | Lifestyle magazine meets career magazine.


The Everygirl

Emerging Women | The blog and podcast associated with this rockstar conference.

Career Contessa

Alex Beadon* | Great for anyone with a blog.

Career Girl Daily


Harvard Business Review* | The only business magazine worth reading. There is no fluff here. If you read an article, you will learn something.


Nathalie Nahai

The Skimm | What I read during the weekends instead of the newspaper. But written as if it were by a Yale student interning at the White House.

YFS Magazine

Sara’s Notebook | The personal blog of Sara Blakely (the founder of SPANX).

Kristen Kalp

Tim Ferriss* | The only podcast both my husband and I listen to. And his blogs are equally in-depth.

Bossed Up

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