There are several iterations of this floating around the internet, but none of them got it just right. Having watched thirty-something new Hallmark Channel Christmas movies every year since forever, I wanted to create a drinking game that 1) captured the magic of Hallmark movies, and 2) reminded us just how good these movies are in the first place.

There are currently two ways to watch The Hallmark Channel’s annual Countdown to Christmas movies. You either subscribe to The Hallmark Channel as part of your cable package and watch them live, or you download the Sling app to your Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Firestick. You’ll need to pay for a monthly subscription for that as well as the “Lifestyle” add-on. But it’s necessary to have during the holiday season.

Next, gather your friends and family to watch your second favorite 90’s actresses fall in love at Christmas time while enjoying less than five minutes of conflict along the way. Grab a mug of mulled wine, or my personal favorite, a glass of champagne with a splash of grenadine and a cherry, then play along. You’re in for my kind of Friday night.

The Hallmark Movie Drinking Game

The rules are as follows: Take one sip of your beverage of choice every time one of the following incidents occurs. If a particular item happens more than once, kiss someone special. Here we go:

1. Someone suddenly has to leave their big city life for a small town

2. That town is named something suspiciously holiday-esque

3. The main character has to hide who he or she really is

4. Someone falls, but then is caught by someone handsome

5. The love interest is secretly rich or royal

6. There is mention of a dead relative

7. The love interest is secretly an artist

8. Something has to be saved from ruin before Christmas (the local bookstore, the Christmas parade, the town itself)

9. There is an attempt at a kiss (but it gets interrupted)

10. Candace Cameron Bure (or any other actor from Full House) appears during the commercial break

Merry Christmas!