Why I (Still) Don’t Want Kids

I know, we’ve talked about it before. But since I’m 29 years old and fast approaching 30, it’s a topic that keeps popping up on our table time and time again. We don’t usually discuss children, largely because every time we ask the question, “Do we want kids?” The answer has always been a resounding no. That being said, twice in the past 12 months my husband and I have reopened the kid-talk for discussion. Here’s how that all went down: (more…)

How I Discovered I’m An Angel

I’m sharing this week’s super intimate/intensely spiritual/crazy personal posts for two reasons:

1) Because I had a vision/thought/moment of euphoria in which I discovered that half of my current clients are angels (like, in human form, obviously), and thus could probably use a little leadership in the area of “living your truth even if it feels and sounds absolutely crazy.” And… (more…)

How I Met My Guardian Angels

Each and every one of us has a tiny squadron of guardian angels protecting and helping us as we go about our spirited missions and mine have been begging for my attention for weeks. Finally I gave in and decided to hear what they had to say. I drove up to my mentor’s house where she led me in a meditation to meet my guardian angels. Here’s what happened: (more…)

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