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Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Over The Moon Magazine

I am the founder & editor-in-chief of Over The Moon Magazine. Over The Moon provides spiritual inspiration for the modern woman. But the kind of spirituality that feels more like sipping champagne and less like burning incense.

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Writer & Speaker of the Divine Feminine

I am a writer and speaker of archetypes of the Divine Feminine in religious, spiritual, and mythological traditions; and how they relate to modern-day women’s self-development and spiritual growth.

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Catholic Scholar of the Virgin Mary

I am currently completing my graduate degree in Mariology (the study of the Virgin Mary) from the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio. I write & speak about Mary and incorporate Marian symbolism into my articles as well as a series of young adult fiction novels I’m currently writing.

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Women’s Health Educator

I got my start in the entrepreneurial world as a hormonal health coach helping women ditch hormonal methods of birth control and heal hormonal imbalances holistically. I spent six years apprenticing under fertility specialists, hormonal health coaches, & Ayurvedic practitioners, and am a certified health coach from IIN.

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